Who First Sang the Timeless Classic 'Concrete and Clay'?

The 1965 hit single 'Concrete and Clay' by the British pop group Unit 4+2 is a timeless classic that has been covered by many artists over the years. The song was first brought to the public's attention when former Dexys Midnight Runners singer Kevin Rowland released a 1999 version of his cover album My Beauty. At the time, Rowland was seen as having gone a little crazy, performing a short set in drag on his own to a karaoke backup. American record producer Bob Crewe, best known for his work with the Four Seasons, heard Unit 4+2's version of 'Concrete and Clay' during a trip to the UK.

He was so impressed that he decided to make a cover of it, which was the inaugural release of his DynoVoice Records. The song was written by Eddie Rambeau and Brian Parker, with Rambeau also singing it. The song uses a simile to compare the enduring love of lovers with things that seem solid and permanent, such as concrete sidewalks and mountains. It was arranged as a slow and moving semi-acoustic track, which made it stand out from other songs on the charts in 1965. It quickly gained popularity due to its inclusion in pirate radio playlists, eventually topping the British charts. Unfortunately for Unit 4+2, Eddie Rambeau released his own version shortly after, which divided the vote and both versions stalled.

Despite this setback, 'Concrete and Clay' remains a timeless classic that has been covered by many artists over the years.

Jack Brown
Jack Brown

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