Are Concrete Tables Durable?

Concrete outdoor tables are renowned for their durability and strength. If covered in the coldest and wettest months, and treated annually with concrete sealant against weather, UV rays and wine spills, then your concrete table will last for decades. There is no doubt that dining room tables take a beating. From hot dishes and drinks to spills and scratches, it can be difficult to keep them looking like new.

However, concrete dining tables are extremely durable. They are robust, strong and resistant to heat and scratches, which means they will last for years with little wear and tear. Concrete dining tables are durable because of their ability to withstand weather changes, fire tolerance, and surface cleaners. They can withstand abrasions caused by chemical detergents and scratches due to sudden and infrequent shocks.

They are malleable in different shapes and designs that do not disturb their durability and sustainability. Taking some preventive measures and applying sealants, waxes and hydrophobic chemicals can maintain their durability. Concrete outdoor furniture is the ideal choice for contemporary living. It is elegant, timeless and durable.

Concrete dining tables require very little maintenance and there is no need to re-grease and perform regular maintenance as you would with wooden furniture. It leaves you more time to relax with family and friends. When buying a new piece of furniture, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options available. While the first choice of buyers has been conventional wood or laminate countertops, times are changing with the growing popularity of dining tables with a concrete top. Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is a versatile product and in 'Cast In Concrete Design' dining tables with concrete countertops are custom-made, giving you flexibility to make any shape, design or size to suit your needs.

The only limit is your imagination. Are you thinking about boring gray concrete? No longer, unlike other materials, concrete dining tables can be produced in all colors of the rainbow. GFRC is relatively lightweight and very durable, it looks better as it ages and long ago. The benefits of concrete outdoor furniture include strength and durability, versatility, low maintenance, fire resistance and affordability. Heat and UV rays can damage wood and discolor colors, while moisture can cause wood rot and select concrete outdoor furniture that is relatively weatherproof will reduce regular maintenance or replacement costs.

Outdoor furniture made of concrete is resistant to the elements, providing you with sturdy and durable furniture. A concrete top dining table provides a natural organic look that blends well into any environment, but without the ongoing maintenance of other materials such as wood. Not so long ago that dining tables with concrete countertops were considered an absurd option, but times have changed and concrete furniture is commonplace in modern homes. Concrete dining tables look great combined with wood. A concrete dining table combined with wooden legs and chairs is impressive. This style provides an aesthetically pleasing look without the care and maintenance required by wooden furniture.

Unlike outdoor wooden dining tables, concrete does not degrade in extreme weather conditions and is resistant to the damaging elements of our large exterior. When selecting the material, be sure to investigate how the product is made, which sealant is used and what care the manufacturer recommends. Even concrete will not last if inferior materials are used during manufacturing. While concrete furniture requires little maintenance, it is strong and robust, it is not indestructible and requires a little care to age gracefully. Concrete will skid over time, enhancing the natural organic look of your dining table with concrete top. Hearing the word “concrete”, it is natural to automatically jump onto skyscrapers, pavement or even onto the outdoor terrace.

You often don't cross your lips when you're looking for durable outdoor furniture. But all that is about to change. Concrete furniture is gaining popularity for good reasons: it is stylish and durable, and offers a perfect combination of “holy grail” when it comes to outdoor furniture. From bar tables to large dining tables, benches or small cafe tables, your options are endless when it comes to finding a large concrete outdoor table and creating the perfect, timeless outdoor space. Here are 3 benefits you get when choosing a stone outdoor table to become the centerpiece of your backyard: In outdoor situations (and certain indoor situations such as in the kitchen), surface finishes should be applied to prevent water from seeping into concrete. Water molecules can take place in the pores and rough surfaces of concrete tables that can create stains on them. My friend is buying a concrete dining table for his house because his family sometimes wants to go out for breakfast.

When moving from regular wooden or upholstered furniture to concrete furniture and dining tables, you don't want to do it all right away. As mentioned earlier, there are certain precautions that need to be considered when considering the purchase and use of concrete furniture and dining tables. Concrete tables: You may be returning to those road trips where you stopped at state rest stops. GFRC (fiberglass reinforced concrete) techniques give concrete a nice solid weight that is not ripping but feels very strong. Concrete may look more “natural” than many table tops, especially when aggregates are exposed or organic prints are present. The excess of everything is bad, and all the factors that lead to the durability and sustainability of concrete tables can adversely affect if there is an excess of them. When people hear “concrete furniture” they often think that they are going to be extremely heavy ugly things that only serve to sit in parks or bus stops. Find eye-catching shapes unusual uses adventurous styles when choosing concrete furniture & dining tables.

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